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Homesteading on a Hill in WV

ADGA Nubian, Nigerian and Saanen Dairy Goats, Silver Fox Rabbits, Mini Jersey Dairy Cattle, Wyandottes, Eggs, Goat's Milk Soap, and more!


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Tinia, John, and their family at Lucas Farm

Our story:

I am originally from West Virginia, and my husband, a former US Marine SGT (2000-2004) is from Clearwater, Florida.  We are both Marshall University Graduates. My husband is an HVAC contractor in the tristate area of WV:

We have three sons, and we hope to allow them to grow up with traditional values and useful knowledge that so many kids are not able to acquire these days in our society.

We homeschool or UNSchool, you might say - click here for information!

In the midst of greater tragedy than many people could ever fathom, we have thankfully had some blessings along the way which have allowed us to have this farm and operate a 501(c)3 equine rescue, and you can learn more about this and our farm's name on this page.

Although I've wanted to live the life of a homesteader for as long as I can remember and grew up learning positive animal husbandry of various species. I have been an animal lover and activist my entire life. It made perfect sense I would fall into the small farming community and go to work changing how locals view farming, food and the laws that prevent small farmers in West Virginia from doing well.

I believe that life should be worth living. You should do things that matter, that make an impact, that require giving something of yourself every single day. We try hard to live up to this goal here every single day.

We love being able to meet people along this journey, and we are so thankful for the advice, help, and friendship we've found from others who are also living a similar lifestyle.  We would love to talk to you if you're interested in learning from us or have insight to share!

We believe in raw milk - Shockingly, West Virginia is AGAINST food freedom and YOUR RIGHTS.

I am your local Weston A Price Chapter Leader!

As a note: I spent 16-year years as an ova-lacto vegetarian, a short time as a vegan, even; however, I am a HUGE supporter of raising your own animals and getting away from commercially raised and slaughtered animals. I believe small farms are a the best example, if managed properly, of a life with no waste and a sustainable existance. We raise some livestock for food in order to provide my husband and children with humaely-raised meat, and sometimes locally offer alternatives to store-bought products.

Buy humanely-raised meats and humanely-gained eggs and dairy!

We are dedicated Christians here at the farm. We follow Christ. . .not a religion. We are non Politially correct Folks. We believe in liberty.

"There is a living God; He has spoken in the Bible.  He means what He says and will do all He has promised." - Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China (and this is the sum of f what I believe to be true

"Also he built towers in the desert, and digged many wells: for he had much cattle, both in the low country, and in the plains: husbandmen also, and vine dressers in the mountains, and in the Carmel: for he loved husbandry." - 2 Chronicles 26:10

We homeschool.

We, because of our oldest son's needs, we saw modern school could never work for him. Homeschooling is something that seems to go hand-in-hand with animal husbandry, hobby farming, and the like.  We always like to get in touch with local people with similar thoughts, so if you homeschool or have a local group, feel free to contact us. 

We have been members of HiM, WVHEA, and EAGLE.

We are a Conservative Liberty loving Family - Radical, Crunchy Conservative. We believe the education of our children is our responsibility.  We believe we have a right to decide what our children are taught.  We believe you cannot have a complete education apart from one that involves Christ.. or TINIA@LUCASFARMWV.COM

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The Vegetarian Homesteader
The American Livestock Breed Conservancy

"I know of no other pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of husbandman's cares." -George Washington