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Goat Diseases

Raising goats with informed, quality bloodlines and educated practices since early 2008, with a lifetime of animal husbandry experience and dedication to learning all one can know about the breeds they raise!


Our HERD has been CAE NEG. through Bio-tracking for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 or negative through parentage

CL - CAE - Johnes



Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis


There are many thoughts on CAE out there.

Some say you can know a goat is negative without a doubt, some say you can’t. Some say testing isn’t reliable, some say it is. One thing we know is a lot of dairy goats from non-tested herds ARE positive.

We do not have all of the answers to the questions raised, but WE have tested our herd, and our herd is negative.

We would personally not keep a positive animal on site.

The goat to goat info site, Fiasco Farm, offers this opinion

WADDL lab offers this opinion

A Vet Manual Opinon here

We encourage All buyers to feel free to conduct ANY and ALL bloodwork testing you would like on any kid or dam of any kid you’re interested in, including CAE, CL and Johnes. We have current negative testing on the herd and test each spring and have done so for all the years we've owned dairy goats.

We do not make guarantees on the status of any goat’s disease status, but we will provide Their testing results directly from the lab which shows negative results on the herd. We will also allow the buyer, at her/his expense, have a vet draw and test for any diseases.

All current testing is freely provided upon request.

CL or Caseous Lymphadenitis

We have never had a case of CL in our herd.

Click to Read above about CL here

CL, unlike CAE, can be transmitted to humans, though rarely, which means you should not ever attempt to manage it.

We personally do not blood test for CL because the testing is not highly accurate at this time, much less so than CAE. We look forward to a time when blood testing is more accurate!

I believe the herd, with our diligent practices, to be CL free, but I do not make guarantees with any purchase as there is no accurate testing for this disease.

I have done my best to buy from herds that have no signs of CL, and I would never keep a CL positive animal and have not had, to my knowledge, an animal with CL.

On Johne’s Disease

Our herd has never shown signs of Johnes Disease

More info on Johne's here



We do not test of Brucellosis, but as with other diseases, you’re welcome to conduct your own testing.

Brucellosis in rare in goats in the USA, as is TB.

On the Genetic defect G6S:

Read about this genetic disorder here

Testing at this time is cost prohibitive, but we are happy to allow this done at a buyer's cost. Some buyers have tested our kids and all have tested G6S Normal, and we plan to test our bucks in the future.


We are truthful, frank breeders. We will not paint fanciful pictures of guarantees we feel we cannot honestly make to you, the buyer. At this date, when I make a purchase, I understand the risks involved when Buying goats, and I try to impart this to other buyers.

We do not offer ANY guarantees of animals being free of any disease – BUT WE WILL PROVIDE TESTING FOR ANY PURCHASED GOAT prior to purchase for your assurance that, at the time of sale, the animal was testing free of any disease tested for, at your request, in addition to our own current testing results! We always encourage you to run any and all testing you would like PRIOR to purchase to give yourself PEACE of Mind.

We do not accept any animal back into the herd or offer any refunds Of purchase costs, transport costs or otherwise for any reason, as we offer you many options prior to sell to be certain you are purchasing the livestock you're hoping for.


We are dedicated Christians here at the farm.

"Also he built towers in the desert, and digged many wells: for he had much cattle, both in the low country, and in the plains: husbandmen also, and vine dressers in the mountains, and in the Carmel: for he loved husbandry." - 2 Chronicles 26:10

Join the:

We highly recommend the film, Food, Inc.

It can change your life, if you're willing to change.

We homeschool.

We basically, because of our son's needs...unschool.  This is something that seems to go hand-in-hand with animal husbandry, hobby farming, and the like.  We always like to get in touch with local people with similar thoughts, so if you homeschool or have a local group, feel free to contact us.  Our farm makes a nice field day for homeschooled kids!

We are open to have homeschool meetings here at our house weekly, too, if there is enough interest.

We are members of EAGLE (now HiM), WVHEA, and ACCHE.

We meet weekly for homeschool co-op classes with either:


We are a Conservative Christian Family.  We believe the education of our children is our responsibility.  We believe we have a right to decide what our children are taught.  We believe you cannot have a complete education apart from one that involves Christ.

Contact us with homeschooling ideas, or curriculum advice.  If you'd like to meet with other families to give your home schooled kid interaction outside the home with other children, or if you have an area you are very good in teaching, and would like to set up classes with our children to be involved.

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