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Minerals Needs in Goats

Raising goats with informed, quality bloodlines and educated practices since early 2008, with a lifetime of animal husbandry experience and dedication to learning all one can know about the breeds they raise!


Check your state selenium and copper maps.

Check the levels in the states where you hay comes from.

Chances are, you are greatly lacking both and

keeping the levels where they need to be in goats

is vital to healthy goats with a sheen in their

coat, easy kidding, parasite resistance, good size on kids

and strong kids at birth!


Before are photos used with permission by

These are before and afters of the


#1 Lamancha - BEFORE


#2 Lamancha - Before


#2 same Lamancha - After



Loose Minerals


and A proper Cocci prevention program


    Copper Bolus - given once to twice a year. Look at the condition of the coat for signs that a second bolus might be needed. If it looks rough and lacks sheen, you probably need to bolus again. If your goat's tail tips are bald, split into a fish tail or if the black goats are turning rusty colored in areas, bolus again.

    You buy Copasture on

    for cattle in 12.5 doses (enough for 125 - 500 lb of cattle per dose), buy clear size 00 capsule to break the large 12.5 doses into goat size doses (each 12.5 capsule is enough for at least 3 80 lb goats), and use a

    bolus balling gun, which you can get one for under $2 at Tractor Supply or Southern States to shoot the bolus capsule down the goats throat

     - AVOID the goat chewing the capsule. Re-bolus if they chew it and spit it out. Cover the tip of the bolus gun with KY Jelly to help it stay in and go down the throat quickly!

    BO-SE Shots or Selenium Gel - Goats in most areas going to be selenium deficient. This causes hard kiddings and weak kids, among other things.

    Give the gel monthly or bi-monthly or yearly if you can get the Bo-Se (Selenium and Vitamin E) shot from your vet. 

    It is wise to give to doe at breeding and kids after birth/kidding.

    You can order the gel from Jeffers for $8.95. Try giving bi-monthly to be sure you don't give too much, as too much is toxic, and give it at the rate of 5ml per goat around 6 months of age:


Alway offer a high quality loose mineral LIKE CARGILL

RIGHT NOW ONYX OR Sweetlix Meatmaker.

Salt and mineral blocks are NOT sufficent!

We are dedicated Christians here at the farm.

"Also he built towers in the desert, and digged many wells: for he had much cattle, both in the low country, and in the plains: husbandmen also, and vine dressers in the mountains, and in the Carmel: for he loved husbandry." - 2 Chronicles 26:10

Join the:

We highly recommend the film, Food, Inc.

It can change your life, if you're willing to change.

We homeschool.

We basically, because of our son's needs...unschool.  This is something that seems to go hand-in-hand with animal husbandry, hobby farming, and the like.  We always like to get in touch with local people with similar thoughts, so if you homeschool or have a local group, feel free to contact us.  Our farm makes a nice field day for homeschooled kids!

We are open to have homeschool meetings here at our house weekly, too, if there is enough interest.

We are members of EAGLE (now HiM), WVHEA, and ACCHE.

We meet weekly for homeschool co-op classes with either:


We are a Conservative Christian Family.  We believe the education of our children is our responsibility.  We believe we have a right to decide what our children are taught.  We believe you cannot have a complete education apart from one that involves Christ.

Contact us with homeschooling ideas, or curriculum advice.  If you'd like to meet with other families to give your home schooled kid interaction outside the home with other children, or if you have an area you are very good in teaching, and would like to set up classes with our children to be involved.

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