Raw Milk in West Virginia


West Virginia Raw Milk: Farming, Real Milk and Real Food Access

Raw milk in West Virginia. Herdshares and Raw Milk access in WV through legal changes. Real Food, Real Milk, Herdshares.

Raw Milk Herdshares are Legal in

West Virginia after a 7 year fight:

Freedom Wins!

Sign up to for the 1st Raw Milk Handling Consumer and Farmer Class offered in West Virginia for April here

Emai: with questions on classes, training and connecting to a consumer looking to buy into a share or farmer


"The right to clean,unpasteurized, wholemilk is as essential a right as that to clean drinking water"

Herdshare advocacy and WV Raw Milk updates are on the links to you left

How to operate a safe WV herdshare, How to be a good share member,

Investing in milking equipment, Handmilking, Herdshare Sample

Contracts, Pricing Herdshares: What is Milk and time Worth in shares,

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food freedom in West Virginia, links to educational classes, our

Herdshare blog, link to the orignal WV Raw Milk group that made this

legislation happen, updates on laws, rules and other real milk

information in West Virginia:

RAW Milk West Virginia Dairy Farm WV SB387


The Source and Alliance for Raw Milk in West Virginia, WV. Contact Lucas Farm in Huntington; raw milk herd shares in West Virginia